starting again

20 10 2011

This blog, along with my camera, have been a bit unloved. I’ll be popping back up elsewhere in the near future though, and will be linking from here for the few visitors this site has attracted. WordPress test 1.0 is coming to an end, version 2.0 will of course aim to be a whole lot better


This blog be a-changing

26 11 2010

So, learning the skills to use the camera is taking longer than thought, mostly through sheer laziness. At the same time, I want to keep this blog fresh and have plenty to right about so it is going in the new direction, one of which seems to be pretty standard – basically it is going to be whatever I feel like writing about that day. Lets see how that goes.

Out in the wild – Gumball Rally

10 05 2010

The Bugatti Veyron. Quite a nice set of wheels I suppose

The first outing of the camera was a day of geeks, bemused tourists and impressive cars. The Gumball Rally started on London’s Pall Mall and the cars lined up on the grid for a couple of hours in the sunshine. I had spent one evening reading part of the manual trying to learn a few tricks, but to save the sanity of those with me, I went with auto mode all the way to start to get a feel for what I could do. The cars are certainly more impressive than my results.

Tony Hawks also put on a ‘little’ demo with Andy McDonald and Jamie Bestwick on BMX. Up close, it’s insane how big these guys go. Started using the multishot mode for some of these shots, and they came out ok with little practice. Good news ahead of snowboarding next year

Jamie Bestwick half way through a tailwhip on Pall Mall

I still need to spend an evening or 10 reading and rereading the manual. I’m also looking forward to a couple of specialist guides coming out which should speed up my learning in the summer, such as this

Canon EOS Rebel T2i/550D for Dummies

Any opinions on a good book much appreciated

Playing with the new toy – the Canon 550d

29 04 2010

After months, maybe even years of deliberation I took the plunge and purchased a Canon 550d with 18-55 IS kit lens. Now I need to work out how to use it. This blog will serve as a personal record of how I have (hopefully) improved my photographic skills, and will hopefully also help others in a similar position.

I eventually decided on the Canon 550d for a few reasons. As often with my purchases, a good deal was the deciding factor, but I love the idea of being able to take some top HD video footage as well as the top quality stills. I should have really got a camera before recent trips, but at the same time, one of the main reasons I want a dSLR is to take better pictures when out in the field mountain biking and snowboarding. So as I see it, I have 8-9 months to gain a good understanding of how to use the camera before my next planned boarding trip. Let’s see how it goes.

canon 550d